Yu Zheng (Janyew)

A Ph.D. student @CUHK.

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Information Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), supervised by Prof. Sherman S. M. Chow. Before CUHK, I received my B.Eng. degree from Department of Communication Engineering, Northeastern University (NEU) in 2018, advised by Prof. Chong Fu for undergrad projects.
  My name is 郑宇/鄭宇. You can easily call me Janyew if you dunno Chinese.

Research Interest

Machine Learning Searchable Encryption
privacy multimedia
federated learning image search


Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning

Searchable Encryption

Chaotic Encryption

Internship & Experience

Nov 19 - Dec 19 : Visiting Student Advised by Prof. Qiuliang Xu at SDU, China

Jul 18 - Aug 18 : Summer Workshop of Computing at NUS, Singapore

Mar 18 - May 18 : Research Intern Advised by Sherman S. M. Chow at CUHK

Aug 17 - Aug 17 : International Student Program at TUT, Japan

Dec 15 - Jun 18 : Undergrad Research Project Advised by Chong Fu at NEU

External Reviewer

20 : WWW

19 : Crypto, ISC, ESORICS, SecureComm, IEEE-TIFS, AsiaCCS, ICICS, …

18 : SecureComm

Research Helper

Sep 19 - Apr 20 : IEMS5910/5920 Advanced Research and Development Project
Student: Xiang Li, MSc(CUHK)
Topic: Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning

Teaching Assistant

Jan 21 - Apr 21 : IERG4210 Web Programming and Security by Sherman Chow

Sep 20 - Dec 20 : IERG1080 Electronic Circuit Design Laboratory by Marco Ho

Jan 20 - Apr 20 : IERG4130 Introduction to Cyber Security by Kehuan Zhang

Sep 19 - Dec 19 : IERG4210 Web Programming and Security by Kehuan Zhang

Jan 19 - Apr 19 : IERG4130 Introduction to Cyber Security by Prof. Kehuan Zhang

Sep 18 - Dec 18 : IERG1080 Electronic Circuit Design Laboratory by Marco Ho


21 S: CS860 Algorithms for Private Data Analysis (Waterloo Univ online)

20 F: CSCI5440 Theory of Cryptography, ENGG5501 Foundations of Optimization (audit)

20 S: MMAT5110 Topics in Number Theory, Abstract Algebra (Nankai Univ online)

19 F: CSCI5170 Computational Complexity, ENGG5105 Computer and Network Security, IERG5310 Security & Privacy in Cyber Systems

19 S: CSCI5590 Advanced Topics in Blockchain, ELEG5491 Introduction to Deep Learning

18 F: IERG5130 Probability Models of Learning, ENGG5383 Applied Cryptography


Apr 18 Postgraduate Scholarship (4-Year) of CUHK

Jun 18 Outstanding Project for a Bachelor degree of NEU

Dec 17 Excellent Graduate of Liaoning Province, China

Apr 17 Honorable Mention of American Mathematical Contest in Modeling (Teammates: Wen Fei, Zhuo Su)

Dec 16 Second Prize of National Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (Teammates: Wen Fei, Zhuo Su)

Nov 16 National Scholarship of China (Amount: 8000 Chinese yuan)

Aug 16 Third Prize of National Undergraduate Information Security Competition (Teammates: Qing Yang, Wei Song, Xingwen He)

Dec 15 Second Prize in Liaoning Province for Electronic Design Contest (Teammates: Gongjie Zhang, Wen Fei)

Nov 15 National Scholarship of China


Simplified Chinese (Native), English (Fluent), Shandong-dialect (Native), Northeastern Mandarin (Fluent), Cantonese (Limited), C, MATLAB, C++, Python, Java, LaTeX, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, …

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